Monday, March 7, 2011


Charlie Sheen.  Yeah, you knew this was coming.
Charlie lives a life of Danger, that much is obvious.  What we can learn from Charlie is debatable, with a natural talent like his there isn't always a transfer to your average person.  Think of this like emulating the training style of Yao Ming to be a great basketball player.  You go around, eat chinese food every day and practice basketball.  After a month you're no better at basketball but you're a little chubby and you're probably still hungry. What went wrong?  You did the same thing Yao does.  Guess what, Yao is 2' taller than you retard!  It doesn't matter what he does, he has good basketball genetics.  Charlie, has good Danger genetics.  Copying Charlie probably won't pay off for the layperson and in any case, while Charlie is a master of raw Danger, he is not great at utilizing the Danger Training Response.  I mean look at the guy, the dude's a skinny little tweaker.  If he wasn't a millionaire his "tigerblood" would have be infected with a nasty strain of AIDS from all the "Adonis DNA" he would be receiving every time he needed $5 for another crack rock.
What can we learn from Charlie?  Mostly that domestic violence is very difficult to prosecute and Danger without the Training just makes you a crackhead.  Also, hookers are fun but can never be trusted.

I urge you to look at another celebrity as a much better example of Danger Training.  Danny Bonaduce.  Danny is like Charlie but way better.  He is super fucking crazy and not just with crack and strippers (crack and strippers are just an indigo stripe in Danny's Danger Rainbow).  Danny gets after it, throwing his body in harm's way constantly, using powerful training supplements like steroids, HGH and rubbing alcohol... simultaneously, fighting people for money and he is a master of drunken parkour.

Danger WOD:  Inject yourself with 1 liter of actual tiger blood.  That's it.  Figuring out how to get the tiger blood is up to you.