Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stay Frosty

I'm pretty sure every one of you has seen the movie Fight Club (just like I'm also sure none of you have read the book you bunch of illiterate mongoloids).  So, I'm also sure you remember the scene where Tyler Durden instructs his disciples to provocate a stranger into fighting.  That's great but for a good Danger WOD we need to be more than just huge dicks to people (to be clear, being a huge dick is important too).  We need to find a way to make people fight us but also harness the elusive danger edge that makes danger training so effective.

Danger WOD:  Provoke a large number of people you have never met to wish grave harm upon you.

Step 1:  Have business cards made with a recent photo of you, your home and work address.

Step 2: Visit all areas of your city and wreak havoc.  I know you're thinking, "Hey, I'll just go to the ghetto, smash in some gang members' cars and leave my card."  Wrong.  If you do that, yes, someone you've never met will probably try to hunt you down and kill you but, you will have a pretty good idea of what that person looks like.  On the other hand, if you offend everyone equally, you will be constantly on guard.  Be sure to fuck with men, women, rich, poor children and the elderly, regularly write letters to prisoners and foreigners taunting them.  Attack this thing from all angles.  Pull a Steve Bartman if possible.

Step 3:  Trust no one.

Finally, the Danger Ops Team will receive a notification Email this week.


  1. This is an easy one. Put on a NY Yankees jersey and go to a Red Sox game with those business cards. Or go to a Phillies game and do the same.

  2. Can people still hook up with the danger ops battalion?

  3. Scott, Danger Ops has no rules, no concept of laws or even the most basic aspects common social protocol.

  4. Excellent, right in the wheelhouse